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  • Manufacture: Coronet (England).

  • Date:  1934-43.

  • Model: Coronet Cameo.

  • Film: 16mm roll, 6 exposures, image size 13x18mm.

  • Lens:  meniscus type  Taylor Hobson  , f/10.

  • Focus: 5 ft. to inf.

  • Shutter:  rotary shutter  single spring  , a speed 1/30.

  • Film winder: in two variations, a folding lever in the form of a D or a knob

  • With or without film pressure plate.

  • Body: Bakelite, with seven different color variants.

  • Faceplate: brass or nickel color;  Stampings on the nameplate also vary

  • Weight: 71g

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