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A passion of decades

when in 2001  I bought my first camera and began to discover digital photography,  I could not imagine that in the year 2022 I would find myself managing a collection of more than 50 pieces.

It has not been something planned, but as a result of moving from that year always in areas related to photography, and due to what is surely a paternal inheritance (keeping pots and pans because one day they will be worth something) there came a time when I met a good amount of these "collector's pieces".


This collection started more than 10 years ago  with “family” cameras, especially the  my father's camera (La Minolta - X370), from these, I was encouraged to acquire more cameras, in each trip I made I used to bring some rarity from that country and little by little I was getting a small and modest collection. Some of them of sentimental value to me, for memories or moments in which said cameras became part of it.

And I began to take photographs, "to play", to search the internet, to catalog "my collection", but I was surprised to see that it was not a modern invention, but rather a science known before the mid-nineteenth century.

I began to acquire some cameras that I found curious and interesting, either because of their peculiar design or because of the history behind it, and practically without realizing it, I ended up putting together a collection of unique cameras, with more than 50 pieces.

This, together with everything mentioned above, family cameras, gifts, various purchases over the years, make up the collection that I present,  that I expose for lovers not only of photography but of the hidden history behind many of these extraordinary pieces.

© Copyright by Rafael G. Luna. All Rights Reserved
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