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Landcamera 1000

The  Land Camera  1000  is a  instant camera  manufactured by  Polaroid Corp.  .  In the United States, it was marketed as  OneStep  .  Based on the  Polaroid SX-70  , the camera includes a 103mm f/14.6 single-element, fixed-focus plastic lens and an exposure compensation knob.  


It uses SX-70 zero time film, now manufactured by  Polaroid Originals  .  There's a  flash  made specifically for this model: the Q-light flash.  They had two unique shutter colors: red and green.

Everything arose in  year 1947,  when Edwin H. Land amazed the world by presenting the first instant photograph. An image that was printed from a camera in a few minutes.

This invention would become the flagship of the company until the advent of digital photography.

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